When it comes to swimming pools, we’ve been building and designing them for decades, more than thirty five years in fact. And we distinguish ourselves by never building the same pool twice. Sure, we reuse some of the same features, materials, and accessories, and each project follows the same basic process of construction. But every pool we create is put together uniquely through a coordinated effort between you and our passionate team of designers, licensed building professionals, and craftsmen. We don’t build just any swimming pool and outdoor space, we build your Luxury Pool and Outdoor Living space, customized to how you see it being used.


In the years since we started, we have constantly worked to ensure that when Signature builds a swimming pool the main focus is not on profit or timelines; it’s on quality and reputation. We aim to build pools, patios, and outdoor living spaces that last forever. So when you decide to let us work for you, you learn at the very start that this will not be a fast and furious project. This will be a measured and purposeful process that will bring your vision of a perfect outdoor space to life. We make sure we do the job right the first time by sitting with you and drafting a design that meets your wants and needs for the space before a single grain of dirt is excavated from the ground. We pride ourselves in the attention to detail that we pour into this design phase, and we follow that with a meticulous build process performed by the best at their trade. We also work with the understanding that our reputation for craftsmanship, luxury, and artisan design is at stake with every project we take on, and we recognize that our word is never as good as yours. As a result we will design and build a space that you will want to show off to everyone you know, and offer ongoing services that will keep your investment functional and “like new” for maximum enjoyment long term.


At Signature Pools and Patios we don’t just sell you a product, we sell you an experience that will turn your dreams and ideas for your home to life, and into a place that you can be proud of.


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  • Jan 08, 2018
  • By Zach Sikkelee
  • The Signature Experience
The Signature Experience