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Our Story

Experts in Luxury & Environments

At Signature, our quality and distinction is reflected in some of the finest residential and commercial swimming pools, spas, fountains, water features, and outdoor living environments across the Western Carolinas.

From humble beginnings, the “Signature Standard” was set when Craig Sikkelee started the business over 30 years ago. It was his commitment to customers, dedication to quality, and forward thinking that shaped the success of a reputable business. These values, among others, still remain today as a family owned operation backed by a team consisting of exceptionally talented designers, architects, project managers, and craftsman of the industry. This is reflected in some of the finest residential swimming pools and backyard concepts in the Upcountry of South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and commercial amenities across the State.

Today, we’ve become known for our unique use of water to create meaningful outdoor spaces and beautiful landscapes. Our focus is to develop authentic customer relationships through our work, and as a result makes us the number one choice among homeowners who express distinctive taste through their surroundings. Our passion for creativity is only surpassed by the joy that comes from completing a project that will serve as the backdrop for lasting memories, each one unique in it’s appeal.

our story our story

Our values are not just rules for us to live by, but rather the words that define who we are as individuals and a collective group. These values may be few in number, but they are mighty in power as they serve as the funnel by which we make all decisions affecting both the future of our company and day-to-day interaction with our customers.

Our Values

  • We are a family business and it is our desire to treat every customer, collaborator, and staff member as part of our family.

  • For us, integrity starts with being honest and accountable. It is about doing exactly what we say we will do, how we intend to do it, and when. This is the philosophy that we have built our business on for over 30 years and what has made our success possible.

  • We have a sense of obligation to people -- our employees, our customers, and ourselves. We also have a commitment to absolute quality -- the materials, the methods of installation, and to our overall craft. It's the pride that we take in each project. To us this is referred to as the "Signature Standard" of which defines The Signature Experience.

  • We believe that to be a sustainable and thriving business, we must always be researching new products and techniques that will further creativity and help us thrive on the cutting edge. As a result, our customers reap the reward with an outstanding product. We as people and professionals have an instinctive desire to be different, and we believe that is reflected in every watershape and outdoor living environment that we complete.

  • To us this isn't just about taking care of all that we have been given, but it's about maximizing it. We have a responsibility to use our creativity and collaboration to its maximum potential. While we don't claim to be perfect, we hold ourselves to a very high standard of excellence. We never want to reach a state of complacency in our business, and as people we strive to be more knowledgeable of our industry and the world around us.

Our Team

The Signature Experience is driven by a small team that has steadily grown in size over the last 30 years. Below you will see our current team of professionals, striving to be the best in our field.

  • Craig Sikkelee
    Craig Sikkelee President / Founder
  • Zach Sikkelee
    Zach Sikkelee Vice President
  • Skye Sikkelee
    Skye Sikkelee Office Administrator
  • Dave Sikkelee
    Dave Sikkelee Aquatic Consultant
  • Joe Gatas Design & Estimating
  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Designer
  • John Nelson
    John Nelson Senior Technical Advisor
  • Steve Kauffman Project Manager
  • George Balint Project Manager
  • Paul Schieber Project Manager
  • See How
    We Do It

We conceive, design and develop luxury pools and outdoor environments. Regardless of the complexity of the problems we’re solving, we always aim to balance the client’s goals with a great experience getting to the desired product. We believe the key to building a long lasting successful relationship often lies in this approach. The journey is just as important as the process and that is why we have been successful for over 30 years.

As no two projects are alike, we have built a diverse team of designers, planners, builders, QA specialists, and project managers to ensure that we can meet any challenge throughout the following process:

Our Approach

  • Discovery

    Initial contact with our prospective client, upon which we aim to effectively align the services that we offer with what our client desires in an Outdoor Living space.

  • Design

    With a written agreement in place, we perform a site analysis of our client's property and walk them through various options to consider. Getting to personally know the end users during this process enables us to create a totally customized backyard environment.

  • Presentation

    After presenting the initial design concept and working through revisions, we finalize the Master Plan and present it with a proposal to build.

  • Installation

    Break ground, build the dream. We create supporting blueprints, and engage our team of professionals to implement the Design with precision and attention to the details throughout this process.

  • Ongoing Relationship

    Warranty support & ongoing maintenance to further protect our client’s investment and nurture the valued relationships that have been built!

All projects we undertake are founded on our shared passion for design, and our ambition to push the limits of luxury and enjoyment of the outdoors. Our designers strive to create beautiful experiences down to every last detail, and our team specializes in bringing the dream to life while harnessing the latest standards of quality, technology and care.