Our Maintenance

Our Approach Determines Our Services

Signature Pools & Patios is proud to provide a range of services to enhance your outdoor environment. While we specialize in residential in-ground Swimming Pools & Spas, we also offer complimentary services to meet each customer’s needs.

Our “Signature Service” team is specifically designated to offer ongoing services for customers we have built for, and also for homeowners that had their pool built by others but are looking for honest and ethical professionals that will do what they say they will do at a fair price.


Our Services Include:

pool cover

  • Service Calls – Emergency or Non-Emergency Requests for Pool or Spa related issues
  • Pool/Spa Openings in the Spring – Removal, cleaning, & storage of safety covers. Application of start-up chemicals for water balancing and clarity. Removal of all debris inside pool and/or spa, and calibration of pool equipment for full potential of functionality throughout your season of swimming.
  • Pool/Spa Closings in the Fall – With our geographic location, freezing is not always an issue. BUT to eliminate the risk we offer “winterization” of your underground plumbing, and installation of pool covers to put your mind at ease. We also administer specifically designed chemicals to make the water balancing much easier during the opening process.
  • Safety Cover Installations – While most of our pools are kept open to continue the visual aesthetic and functionality of their “Signature Pool” year round, some homeowners prefer to cover their pool before the heavy falling of leaves in Autumn. There are a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from to blend with the natural setting of your backyard.
  • Regular Maintenance Program –Weekly or Biweekly Service visits to maintain your swimming pool, spa, and/or water feature. Monthly fees are based on size, complexity of design, and the type of equipment that is installed. Please contact us today for a Regular Maintenance quote!



Monthly Maintenance Includes:

Pool Chemicals

  • Cleaning – Regular removal of debris by vacuuming the pool floor, netting the top surface of the water, and emptying skimmer, pump, and leaf collection baskets.
  • Equipment Functionality (Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Heat Pumps, In-Floor Cleaning Systems, etc.) – All pool equipment needs to be monitored and serviced regularly for ongoing water filtration and proper sanitation.
  • Water Balancing – We stress the importance of keeping the water chemistry balanced. This is more than just keeping the water clear!  It is important not only ensure the comfort and safety of swimmers,  but to increase the longevity of the interior plaster or liner surface, and internal components of the pool equipment. Note: Some manufacturers void their warranty if there is not a properly recorded history of water balance.
  • Pool Chemicals – All chemicals needed to keep your water balanced are included in our flat monthly charge.
  • Warranty – If we build your swimming pool or spa, we keep a record of warranties offered through various pool equipment manufacturers. While it is our standard to incorporate top of the line equipment and material choices in our projects, there is always the possibility of needing to address a defective product. We refereence our warranty records to file a claim when possible in an effort to minimize expense to you, but in the event that your warranty is expired we are sure to let you know ahead of time what the cost will be on repairs and/or replacements. We strive to provide as many options as possible, and in certain cases supply you with the necessary information if you desire to take care of  it yourself.